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Sauherad municipality distinguishes itself from other parts of Telemark with its emphasis on several small communities instead of one large town. The communities of Hjuksebø, Nordagutu, Akkerhaugen, Gvarv, and Hørte form the heart of the municipality.

Bilde fra luften av Gvarv | Fotograf: Joar Sættem
Overview Picture fotograf Joar Sættem

Sauherad, with its 4300 residents, is geographically located in east-central Telemark and shares a border with Notodden, Kongsberg, Skien, Nome, and Bø municipalities. Sauherad, along with Bø and Nome, are the three municipalites that form the Mid-Telemark region. These three municipalities have developed a close cooperation in many areas, including municipal services and community development. This region is home to approximately 16,000 people.

Sauherad is also economically integrated with the Notodden/Kongsberg and Grenland regions as well. Fully half of the local residents commute to neighboring municipalities. The three regions that Sauherad is a part of and borders have a combined population of about 150,000. Taken together, the district has a rich business, educational, and cultural life.

Arts and Culture

Sauherad has a blossoming art and cultural life. There are many clubs, organizations, sports teams, and artists who call the area home. Erik Werenskiold found living models for his fairy tale illustrations here, and Lars Fykerud grew up in Sauherad. Folk art, farmsteads, two medieval churches and a variety of sports and outdoor activities tell a story of tradition and creativity.

Sauherad municipality has over 80 volunteer clubs and organizations. Many of these are organized under the umbrella of the Sauherad Idrettsråd (Sauherad Sports Council) and Sauherad kulturnettverk (Sauherad Cultural Network). Sauherad also has active youth clubs. The municipality is also host to the Kart Festival, which is the world's first fully organic rock festival, and the Norwegian Apple Festival, which celebrates one of the fairy tale world's most important fruits which is also the symbol and most well-known product of the area.

Sauherad has a close cooperation with the neighboring municipalities of Nome and Bø. Cultural and recreational offers that cover all three municipalities can be found in the Culture Guide "Kulturguiden" and is also available from the Mid-Telemark Council.

The municipality also supports projects, organizations, and festivals connected to art and cultural development, and gives economic support and contributions to sports and youth clubs. The municipality also arranges Sauherad Days in cooperation with the Sauherad Cultural Network.

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The sea fotograf Shea Sundstøl
Epler | Fotograf: Shea Sundstøl
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Jonsås mot Nordsjø
A great patio on Jonsås
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